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vision and mission

Al-Karam Multipurpose & Education Development Society aims to work closely with oppressed & disadvantaged communities and vulnerable individuals. We want to break the centuries old cycle of ignorance and oppression. Al-Karam Multipurpose & Education Development Society aims to do this by improving the literacy rate amongst the same communities. We want to concentrate on the education of these communities; we want to ensure that they have the right monetary and non-monetary guidance to fulfill their dreams by virtue of education. Al-Karam Multipurpose & Education Development Society believes the best way to achieve long term positive social change is through education. We work in the areas where no other education is available to the poor and oppressed. Our mission is to bring educational opportunities to those people whom such opportunities have previously been denied due to poverty or oppression. We aim to work with the most marginalized members of the community and help create a safer environment for all children, especially vulnerable children, and to provide support and encouragement to help improve their living and social conditions. We often conduct empowerment programmers, vocational training and financial independence initiatives in order to help them recognize their importance and value as responsible citizens within our society.

Due to this, Al-Karam Multipurpose & Education Development Society launched a new free scholarship programme called ‘Al-Karam Multipurpose & Education Development Society’ Scholarship’ in 2020. With the aim to help students and facilitate teachers in their effort to bring about real change, we recognized 200 teachers and supported 2500 students with this free scholarship in India. We are extremely happy to announce this year’s scholarship programme with the aim to reach more people and help them build brighter futures. Online scholarship applications for 2021 are open now!

Support vulnerable elderly & Save poor Lives Provide them with respect and care Studies show over 45% of senior citizens and poor Peoples in India face abuse - verbal, physical, emotional and financial. They also live with deteriorating health conditions they cannot afford to treat. Mission: # Save poor Lives ensures they are not alone, sick and hungry. ₹1,000/month provides one elder in need with rations, toiletries, nutritional supplements and essential medicines. If required, it may also include accommodation expenses. Provide them with respect and care supplements and essential medicines. If required, it may also include accommodation expenses.

What We Do



ALKARAMS, together with other development partners such as corporates, individuals and Government, stands strong with each one who is affected by the Coronavirus in India. Our response to this situation is setting up the ALKARAMS Relief Fund which together with your support is a well-coordinated effort to rebuild families for the betterment of the children of our nation.


— Educate India’s

Education is a fundamental right for all children, but girls from impoverished, illiterate families are mostly denied this right in India. By the time they reach adolescence, 40% are out of school, kept at home doing household chores. Join Mission: Every Girl in School and support the education of thousands of girls. ₹600/month can make a huge difference to one girl’s life.


Help feed poor children

Per day 100 children have been deprived of midday meals during the pandemic, adding to the child malnutrition load. Join this mission and provide monthly nutrition to ensure poor children are not malnourished. Your contribution will provide sprouts, pulses, health drinks, fruits, and other iron and protein rich food items. Just ₹1,000/month will safeguard one child from malnutrition.


We provide free medicine

We provide quality medical care to a community desperately in need. Today,along with local and highly trained physicians and a mobile health clinic, the hospital has been providing selfless service to thousands at free of charge. The free hospital currently is available to all


We Provide Care for Differently Abled

Help to ensure that people with disabilities have equal opportunities. Having a disability shouldn’t exclude someone from the opportunity to be independent. Donate to help the poor differently-abled and help them with special education, transport, healthcare, and vocational training so that they overcome the disability and live a normal life.


We Support Mental Health

7% of Indians suffer from mental health disorders. The poor who experience debt, hunger, poverty, and hopelessness are more likely to suffer from mental disorders and cannot afford medical help. This is a vicious cycle. Donate to the aid of poor patients suffering from mental disorders so that they can get therapy, care and find a way to live a normal life.

Impact Stories

Akhlaque Sehikh A social Worker Since he Was Just 20

Donating to an NGO is a great way of helping poor
NGOs like Save the Children are providing children of today (who are the future of tomorrow) theright tools and paving the way for them to march ahead in life. The organisation is helping deprived children get a chance at a fulfilling childhood by providing them quality learning opportunities, access to healthcare, protection from abuse and harm and relief and rehabilitation during disasters and emergencies. The idea is to empower the most marginalised children of India to grow up into mature, healthy and skilled adults who can earn a decent livelihood and leave behind the life of poverty.

A Brighter Future — For Indian's Children & Poors

Become a fundraiser
If you’re really passionate in working for the cause of poor in India, then you have an opportunity to go much beyond making a donation. You can use your social clout and organize different types of fundraising activities. This includes marathons, social events, concerts, birthday fundraiser, etc. The latest in the world of fundraising is Crowdfunding. This involves funding a social project by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.

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