Our Supporting Team

Supporting Alkarams Team consists of members who are experts in any one of the fields: Islamic Finance, Zakat Management, Law, Marketing, Media, Public relations, Strategic planning, Health, Nutrition, Social services, Education, Sports, Youth, Women empowerment, Environment, etc. The Council makes sure that the day-to-day management is carried out effectively. It ensures that the organization is run well and operates responsibly, so that the charity would continue to be effective, credible and sustainable.

Akhlaque I sheikh

President Alkarams & CEO Versant Group Of Education

He is working as Assit Professor In Pharmacy College Yavatmal

Dr Mohammad Saleemuddin Farooqui

Pricipal Shri Sainath College of Pharmacy Nagpur

& President Maharashtra Tenis Ball Cricket Association

Ameenuddin Khan

Saudi Arabia (Marketing Specialists)

He Working Since 2002 Abdullah Al Sayed Group of Companies

Dr. Naheed Waseem A Sheikh

Professor at Hi-Tech College of Pharmacy, Chandrapur 442406, Maharashtra

 Dr. Sheikh is having 14 years of teaching experience in the field of Pharmacology and Toxicology. Dr. Sheikh received his Ph. D in Pharmaceutical Sciences from RK University, Rajkot by 2018, 

Naseer Malnas

Medical Repersentetive

He is working as field officer in food/drag and shop licensing and working as social Worker 

Rizwanuddin Abdul Munaf Quazi

Social Worker Yavatmal

He is working in Alkaram Organization in Yavatmal as a social worker  

Sajid Aslam Abdul Sattar

Assistant teacher Urdu upper primary school Karanja (ghadhe).

he is working 

Priya Kishor Mehta

Advocate (Legal Consultant ALKARAMS)

            B.Com.G D C & A ,L.L.M. C.S,  

Dr. Syed Mujahid Hasan

Teacher & Social Worker Yavatmal

He is working in Islamic Organization in Yavatmal as a social worker  

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Akhlaque Ishaque Sheikh

“He is working as HOD Computer Department In Pharmacy College since 2007 .”


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